Dismas Remade

A low fantasy campaign of grim deeds

Whereupon our scoundrels are caught in the midsts of a secret war. They'll serve shadowy masters, often at great peril. For what? Perhaps to repay a debt. Maybe a chance at a better life. Or just to survive.

If you're brave (or foolish) enough, apply here:


Of knaves, lubberworts, and goode folk

Life is hard for folk of the Land. Few are left untouched by the ravages of poverty, disease, or war. And our characters are no exception. These are not heroes. These are not saints. They are imperfect, mortal, flawed, and broken. They are grubby scoundrels, pariahs, venal sellswords, or merely folk caught up in events.

Our adventure takes place in foul Dismas

Ancient Dismas. The City that Eats Itself. A blistering canker on the arse of the Easterly Sea. A corrupt miser gnawing at its own bones. Its streets run black with filth. A wretched beggar on every corner.

Now riven by war. Two factions divide Dismas. The city north of the River Hy has been taken by the Commonwealth Army in a fiery siege. Only the south districts remain loyal to the Three Kings. An uneasy truce abides, about which spies, profiteers, and mercenaries swarm like flies.

The Gods, Old and New

The Land is dominated by the worship of the New Gods: The Mother and The Father, the ancestral parents of humanity. Shrines to The Mother dot the city, and the Holy Temple of the Father rules in all but name under the leadership of the Mad Bishop of Dismas.

Beyond Dismas The Old Ways still linger, despite the best efforts of the Witch Finders. Folk still curse the name of The Bastard, the illegitimate son of the Father. And if the gods are absent, what of Hell?

Beyond Dismas

Few folk travel far, and little is known of the kingdoms and lands far from Dismas. Here are some notes about what might be found or what rumours our characters might hear: